DeepSkyStacker 3.3.2

Download DeepSkyStacker 3.3.2

Download size: 10.2 Mb

Or download only the exe file if you have already installed a previous version of DeepSkyStacker.
Unzip the file and replace the DeepSkyStacker.exe file with the new one.
Download exe files only (size: 3.52 Mb)

Download the help file only (size: 2.34 Mb)
(the help file must be copied in the folder containing DeepSkyStacker.exe)

Latest DSLRs support (DeepSkyStacker 3.3.4)
If your DSLR is not supported by the current version, you can download the latest version from the Yahoo Group Link page here
Or directly here.
The list of the DSLRs supported by the latest version is available on the dcraw web site.

Alternatively you can convert your RAW files to DNG using the free Adobe DNG Converter available here before feeding them to DSS.

Changes in version  3.3.2

Integration of DCRAW release 8.98 rev 1.431

Bug Fixes:
The dark factor used to optionally scale dark frames was incorrectly used. Fixed
Ampglow was sometimes incorrectly considered as a group of hot pixels. Fixed.

Previous Release Notes

Installation: just unzip in any folder and run Setup.exe.
In case of installation problem (dll is missing...) check that you are using the latest Windows Installer which you can download
here. This could be the case especially if your are running Windows XP without the SP2.

Supported platforms:
Windows XP SP2, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 Server, Windows Vista, Windows 7
(it may work with Windows 98 and Windows NT 4 but I never tested these platforms and I can't guarantee it).
GDI+ must be installed. If you are not using Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server or Windows Vista,
click here to download GDI+ for your platform
(GDI+ is already installed with Windows XP, Vista and 2003 Server)

Minimum resolution: 1024x768

Memory requirement: depends of the pictures sizes.
256 Mb for small pictures (less than 1000x1000 pixels)
512 Mb for pictures created with a DSLRs like the Canon EOS 350D
Of course, the more the better (It avoids using the swap and speeds up the processes)

Processor: from an 800 MHz PIII.
Again, if you want to speed up the processes the faster, the better.

Technical support

A DeepSkyStacker dedicated Support Group is available at Click here to join DeepSkyStacker Group

DeepSkyStacker is a freeware.
If you encounter problems using DeepSkyStacker I will do my best to help you, fix the bugs and add new features but do not expect miracles.
I am doing this on my spare time and only during cloudy nights.

On the other hand you can contact me if you are satisfied and send me your images. It is always a pleasure to receive nice images and it will encourage me to enhance DeepSkyStacker.

You can contact me via the Group or directly at DeepSkyStacker at free dot fr (anti-spam)