DeepSkyStacker 2.x-3.x Release Notes

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Changes in version 3.3.0

Integration of DCRAW release 8.95 rev 1.425

Bug Fixes:
Description html file was not created when using Batch Stacking. Fixed.
Nikon Coolpix 5000 NEF files were incorrectly decoded using an RGB Bayer pattern instead of a CYMG one (other DSLRs using CYMG Bayer pattern might have been in the same case). Fixed.
Background calibration mode was not written in the html description file. Fixed.

DSS Live: Bit depth was incorrectly shown as 16 bits in the file list regardless of the true bit depth (It was not modifying the process though). Fixed.
DSS Live: Link to copy current image to clipboard was not available in the Stacked Image tab. Fixed.

Changes in version 3.2.2

DeepSkyStacker Live

Integration of DCRAW release 8.88 rev 1.405

Bug Fixes:
Random crashes when decoding FITS files in DSS Live and DSS because cfitsio is not thread-safe. Fixed.
Some calibrated images were not debayered when saved during the registering process (they are correctly debayered in the stacking process). Fixed.

Changes in version 3.2.1

Integration of DCRAW release 8.84 rev 1.400

Bug Fixes:
AHD debayering on RAW images was creating grayscale images. Fixed.

Changes in version 3.2.0

DeepSkyStacker Live

DeepSkyStacker Command Line

Integration of CFITSIO 3.06 (FITS files management).

Integration of DCRAW release 8.83 rev 1.399

Bug Fixes:
The images were not registered when No Background Calibration was selected. Fixed.

Changes in version 3.1.1

DeepSkyStacker Live

Bug Fixes:
The Dark Optimization option was behaving incorrectly when no hot pixels were detected. Fixed.
Pressing the Enter key was closing the application. Fixed.
Crash of command line version of DeepSkyStacker. Fixed.

Changes in version 3.1.0

Bug Fixes:
Calibrated images created from DSI-C/DSI-Pro 32 bit FITS files were not correct. Fixed.

Changes in version 3.0.6

Integration of DCRAW release 8.81 rev 1.397

Bug Fixes:
32 bit FITS images were not demosaiced in the preview. Fixed
Crash when no dark frames and at least two dark flat frames were used. Fixed.
32 bit rational grayscale FITS files were incorrectly created as color files. Fixed.
Offsets were not correctly computed with only exactly 8 stars available. Fixed.
Crash when using mosaic mode and one of the light frames can not be stacked and is alone to have a very different exposure time. Fixed.

The Technical Details are updated.

Changes in version 3.0.5

Bug Fixes:
RGB Background calibration was creating green only images. Fixed

Changes in version 3.0.4

Integration of DCRAW release 8.79 rev 1.394

Bug Fixes:
Batch Stacking (and command line version) were crashing when the light frames were not registered before. Fixed.

The Technical Details is updated.

Changes in version 3.0.3

Integration of DCRAW release 8.78 rev 1.393

Bug Fixes:
The DATE-OBS FITS keyword was not propagated to calibrated and registered images. Fixed

Changes in version 3.0.2

Bug Fixes:
32 bit FITS files create by Envisage were not correctly decoded. Fixed
Saved calibrated files were not correct when using the super-pixel mode. Fixed
Cosmetics and Dark Optimization were not correctly applied when using super-pixel mode. Fixed
In some rare cases the Dark Optimization was over applying the dark frame resulting in strange patterns. Fixed.

The FAQ is updated.

Changes in version 3.0.1

Bug Fixes:
Crash when opening the About dialog. Fixed
The annoying flickering of the main window is fixed.

The FAQ is updated.

Changes in version 3.0

Integration of DCRAW release 8.77 rev 1.392

Bug Fixes:
When a combining method was modified from the Register Settings dialog it was not updated for the current stacking process. Fixed
The exposure time was not correctly decoded for some FITS files (milliseconds instead of seconds). Fixed
When the list was refreshed and sorted again, the current selection was incorrect. Fixed.
When the folder name was containing () or [], FITS files could not be created. Fixed.
When files were dropped the application was not brought to top. Fixed.
A crash might happened when the reference frame was not checked. Fixed

The User's Manual, Technical Details and FAQ are updated.

Changes in version 2.6.3

Integration of DCRAW release 8.72 rev 1.381

Bug Fixes:
Improved star detection for large over-exposed stars.
If you want to combine previously registered images with new images you should register the old images again with this release.

The User's Manual, Technical Details and FAQ are updated.

Changes in version 2.6.2

Integration of CFITSIO 3.03 (FITS files management).

Integration of DCRAW release 8.70 rev 1.378

Bug Fixes:
The exposure time contained is some FITS files was incorrectly decoded. Fixed.

FAQ is updated.

Changes in version 2.6.1

This is mainly a FITS related release.

Integration of DCRAW release 8.68 rev 1.376

Bug Fixes:
32 bit (rational) monochrome TIFF files were saved as color TIFF files. Fixed.

The User's Manual, Command Line User's Manual, Technical Details and FAQ are updated.

Changes in version 2.6.0

This release is mainly about increasing performances.

Integration of DCRAW release 8.60 rev 1.366

Bug Fixes:
In a few cases when a task was containing only images that were not stackable (no transformation was found from the reference frame) the process hanged at the end. Fixed.
Sigma SD10 RAW decoding was not working in Super Pixel mode. Fixed
Improvement of automatic transformation method. Now when the automatic transformation is selected, a bilinear transformation is first computed then it is upgraded as far as possible (up to bicubic if possible) and the last valid transformation is kept.

The User's Manual, Command Line User's Manual, Technical Details and FAQ are updated.

Changes in version 2.5.7

Integration of DCRAW release 8.50 rev 1.362

Bug Fixes:
Masters computed from grayscale images were largely under-estimated which might have lead to under corrected images (color images from DSLRs or OneShot color cameras were not affected by this problem). Fixed
The bayer pattern used to decode FITS file from QHY8 CCD camera has been modified.

The User's Manual, Technical Details and FAQ are updated.

Changes in version 2.5.6

Integration of DCRAW release 8.48 rev 1.360

The User's Manual, Technical Details and FAQ are updated.

Changes in version 2.5.5

Integration of DCRAW release 8.45 rev 1.358

Bug Fixes:
The angle shown in the list was in radian instead of degree. Fixed
Sometimes very bright star centers were black after stacking. Fixed

The User's Manual and FAQ are updated.

Changes in version 2.5.4

Bug Fixes:
Masters created from CFA files were saved without CFA information rendering them unusable preventing star detection while registering with flat frames checked. Fixed.
When stacking after registering was checked and a percentage other than 100% was selected, 100% of the light frames were stacked ,the last ones without any computed offset (0, 0). Fixed.

The User's Manual is updated.

Changes in version 2.5.3

Integration of DCRAW release 8.42 rev 1.355

Bug Fixes:
RAW Files from Sigma SD10/SD14 DSLRs were incorrectly assumed to be using Bayer Matrices. Fixed
Flat application was sometimes overloading the maximum possible value creating black stars. Fixed.
When stacking non registered light frames, no progress bar was shown for the automatic registering process. Fixed.

The User's Manual, Technical Details and FAQ are updated.
Command Line User's Manual is added.

Changes in version 2.5.2

Integration of DCRAW release 8.40 rev 1.352:

Bug Fixes:
Some FITS files were incorrectly decoded. Fixed.

The User's Manual and FAQ are updated.

Changes in version 2.5.1

Integration of DCRAW release 8.39 rev 1.350:

Bug Fixes:
Debayerization for the Nikon D50, D70, D70s and D80 was wrong. Fixed.
A crash may sometimes occur during the master flat creation. Fixed.

The User's Manual, Technical details and FAQ are updated.

Changes in version 2.5.0

Integration of DCRAW release 8.37 rev 1.348:

Bug Fixes:
In some cases hot pixels on the light frames were mistakenly considered as stars thus perturbing the alignment of the frames.
Two new options (automatic detection of hot pixels and use of dark frames during the registering process) can now be used to fix this problem.
Pressing Escape Key was closing the application. Fixed.

The User's Manual, Technical details and FAQ are updated.

Changes in version 2.0.12

Integration of DCRAW release 8.29 rev 1.340: Improved support of Olympus E 330.

Bug Fixes:
Crash when a dark frame or flat frame is used with no offset frame. Fixed.

Changes in version 2.0.11

Integration of DCRAW release 8.26 rev 1.336: Support old Leaf cameras, plus new and obsolete Leaf image formats. Added Samsung GX-1S, camera WB for the Imacon Ixpress and Kodak P850/P880.

Bug Fixes:
Offsets are now computed only once during the stacking process.
Crash when decoding EXIF data from TIFF files created by some Olympus DSLRs. Now it is possible to disable EXIF decoding when reading TIFF files.

The FAQ is updated.

Changes in version 2.0.10
Add new stacking method Median Kappa Sigma Clipping.
Add automatic picture background calibration while stacking.
Add entropy based dark frame subtraction.
Add checking of non removed temporary files at startup.
Add automatic use of an alignment bisquared transformation (instead of bilinear) depending on the number of stars.

Integration of DCRAW release 1.332: add Sony DSLR-A100, Minolta DiMAGE G530, and Sinar 4080x4080.  compressed Kodak NC2000 images.

Bug Fixes:
Crash when computing the entropy of some pictures. Fixed.
Mistake when computing masters dark, flat and offset from RAW files when using super-pixel, bayer-drizzle or bilinear interpolation. The masters were over-evaluated. Fixed.
The necessary disk space was incorrectly computed when using Entropy Weighted Average. Fixed.
Canon EOS 10D files were recognized but not decoded. Fixed.
Portrait mode RAW pictures were not correctly decoded in all the modes. Fixed.
Now, all the pictures are decoded in landscape mode regardless of the picture settings.

The User's Manual, Technical details and FAQ are updated.

Changes in version 2.0.9
Add 2 stacking methods:
- Auto adaptive weighted average
- Entropy weighted average (High Dynamic Range). This is a first version.

Use of RAW files even while using bilinear interpolation. The bilinear interpolation is now computed after the subtraction of the masters flat and offset/bias and after the application of the master flat.

The memory usage is divided by 3, and some processes time is also divided by 3: computing of masters, subtraction of master offset and dark, calibration and application of master flat.

Integration of DCRAW release 1.330.

Bug Fixes:
When using median, and kappa-sigma stacking method, the red channel was replaced by the blue channel. Fixed.
Crash when creating multiples master flat frames. Fixed.
Incorrect checking when using multiples already created master frames (Dark, Flat and Offset/Bias). Fixed.
Loss of precision when using 32 bits TIFF bitmaps for another stacking process. Fixed.

The User's Manual and Technical details are updated.

Changes in version 2.0.8
Add median, maximum and kappa-sigma stacking (on top of average stacking which is still available).
You can use either method when creating masters (dark, flat and offset/bias) and stacking light frames.
Add selection of the working folder that is containing the temporary files created during the stacking process.

A new dialog is used to configure the method for each type of frame and to change the working folder.

Add full detection of stars (no need to specify a threshold anymore).
Note: it is recommended to register the pictures again to benefit from this evolution

The matching algorithm has been partially rewritten for a better matching and to allow small non linear distortions between pictures.

Optimization of the drive space needed to create median picture from dark, flat and offset frames.
In most cases half the space is needed compared to previous versions of DeepSkyStacker.

Add the possibility to copy the list content to the clipboard. This feature is available from the list context menu (mouse right button).

Enhancement of the visualization when zooming pictures (no more interpolation mode when drawing pictures).
Performance enhancement: the decoding of raw pictures is now 4 to 5 times faster.

Integration of DCRAW release 1.328.

The User's Manual, FAQ and Technical details are updated.

Bug Fixes:
The total time of the resulting picture was not computed. Fixed.
Crash when trying to stack only one picture (I know it's silly but it's fixed nevertheless).
Incorrect view when a smaller picture was opened in the processing tab before a stacking process. Fixed.
Slightly incorrect median picture when an odd number of pictures was used. Fixed.
Incorrect estimation of the necessary disk space needed when using offset/bias frames. Fixed.
A Master (Dark, Flat of Offset/Bias) created with 3 channels could not be directly used again with CFA pictures. Fixed.

Changes in version 2.0 Beta 7
Add stacking with different ISO speeds and exposure times.
The dark, flat and offset/bias frames applied to the light frames are automatically selected using the ISO speed and exposure time of each picture.
Just before starting a new registering or stacking process a screen summarizes the processes that will take place.

Multiple selection of files in the picture list
Context menu on the picture list:
- to change file type (light, dark, flat, offset/bias)
- to check/uncheck one or more files
- to remove files from the list
- to view and edit the file properties including ISO speed and exposure time

Add ISO and exposure time columns in the picture list.
The column order of the picture list may be changed. The column order is kept from one session to the next.

Automatic use of ISO speed and exposure time contained in RAW and some TIFF files when computing the total exposure time.

Performance enhancement: the stacking process is now between 30 and 40% faster.

The User's Manual, and FAQ are updated.

Changes in version 2.0 Beta 6
Read/Write TIFF 32 bit/channel (rational) files.
These files can be read and written by Photoshop CS2.
Support of PNG files (8 bit/channel only).
Decoding of JPEG and PNG files with GDI+.
Add option to automatically find the minimum luminance threshold to register a star.

Changes in version 2.0 Beta 5
Change tab to processing when the stacking process is finished.
Fix when changing RAW DDP settings without exiting the application.
Enhancement of the algorithm used to compute the offsets between the frames in extreme cases (a lot of stars near each others).
Add the option to check new version availability automatically at startup.

Changes in version 2.0 Beta 4
Add ISO Settings for Canon 30D.
Integration of DCRAW release 1.323.

Changes in version 2.0 Beta 3
Check available versus needed disk space when creating masters (flats, darks, offsets/bias).

Changes in version 2.0 Beta 2
Fix a memory leak when creating masters (flats, darks, offsets/bias).

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